Young adult care services

Brampton Care Solutions offers support to young adults with learning disabilities, autistic disorders and some mental health disorders to live in their own home or shared. We are able to assist in finding the right accommodation to meet individual needs and support our clients to apply for relevant benefits.

The support we offer is designed to meet individual needs and could be for just a few hours a day to 24 hours a day. Our staff have all received relevant and rigorous training to meet the needs of our clients, from personal care, cooking to accessing the community.

“I have been inspired by the level of support that Lorraine has provided. She has taken time and effort to really get to know the client and has shown patience and commitment. She is clearly passionate about the work she does and puts the client first at all times.”
Marco’s Nan

“Lorraine’s personable, warm nature has made the challenge of transitioning from familiar support far less difficult than anticipated. Such is the care and attention in getting to know, not just how best to support me (although this has been through at a compassionate pace) but me as individual. I am looking forward to overcoming more obstacles and exploring new opportunities, confident that I have the best support to engage and encourage me. Thank you Lorraine for being so patient, accommodating and for making the time to really get to know me.”
Marco – Service User